Wednesday, July 23, 2008

World Ventures

Val and I squirmishly went to "A Travel Party" in Gilbert. On the way I told Valerie, we are not signing up for anything. We have been burned a few times by Network Marketing Companies before and had a really bad taste in our mouth for them. In fact, I think we hurt the feelings of some of our friends for being blunt and telling them NO when they invited us to a meeting for a different company . So, we show up and watched the video and heard the presentation. My eyes opened, Val looks at me smiling and at the same time we say "Let's Do It!" That night I laid in bed worrying about what I just got myself into, then I remebered that at the party we won a raffle for a free cruise. I told Valerie, it was totally worth the free cruise. We then had a travel meeting at our house and were able to learn a little more about the company (WorldVentures) and we are totally excited. (To learn more about WorldVentures check out and check out the numbers 1, 2, and 3. Or you can call or email me and I can get you to a party. What better way to make money, than to make money while you travel. An incentive for going to the "Travel Party" is that they raffle off trips and cruises. Val and I would really like someone to join us on our cruise!!!

Pic of the Veggie Tank in the bed of the truck

For the Engine Enthusiasts, Here is a pic of the insides. The heated fuel filter is on the right of the Alternator. Not sure what the other gadgets are or do, I'm not engine literate. It is a kit by Greasecar.

This is my Orange Veggie Burnin Machine

Veggie Oil

So, many people don't know or are just hearing the buzz on using Used Vegetable oil as a fuel. Rudolph Diesel, upon inventing the diesel engine, realized that he could use vegetable oil or petro-diesel to run the engine. For years the auto makers were using petro-diesel because it was so cheap to produce. Vegetable oil works one of two known ways; 1. heating the oil enough to lower its viscocity to be able to spray through the injectors and pass through the filter, or 2. Add chemicals such as methanol and lye to form a chemical reaction, separating the glycerine from the oil which also lowers its viscocity. Now, with fuel prices so high, I have decided to buy a diesel truck and to run it on Straight Vegetable Oil by adding a kit that routes the engine heated coolant to heat the oil allowing the truck to run on 100% used veggie oil. (For more info visit,, azbiodiesel, utube or google) I have now run aobut 100 gallons of used vegetable oil through my truck and I have not noticed any difference in power or mileage per gallon, just a difference in the smell of the exhaust. Also note that biodiesel or straight veggie oil burns much cleaner and has much less pollutants. The downfall to this is that many large companies are taking advantage of this technology and are buying up all the used veggie oil. If any of you out there have connections to restaurants and are still paying to dispose of your oil, let me know and I will pick it up for free.

Our Blog

I have been asked for many months when I would start a blog so others would know what I was up to. Well, without having children to write about, Valerie and I felt that our lives were boring to write about and that we didn't have much exciting to share with others. Valerie started a blog describing our day to day activities with a twist thanks to Kona and Rogue as our models. I am starting this blog to share projects, rants, and other things going on that I am excited about.